Industry Park „Zakopianka”

Induspace Industry Park „Zakopianka”

No. 4

Total usable floor space:
860 sqm

Total usable floor space of building No. 4 – 860 sqm, including:

  • Area of the production and warehouse part: 700 sqm
  • Area of the office part: 80 sqm
  • Area of the part of the social and technical facilities: 80 sqm


  • The height of the building to the bottom of the structure: 6,50m
  • Floor carrying capacity: 5t/m2
  • Representative, glass front facade of the office area
  • Two gates from ground level with a roof with the unloading space
  • Training yard with the parking for cars and vans
  • The roof is adapted for installation of photovoltaic panels
Induspace Industry Park „Zakopianka”
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